Website Promotions

The cost of website promotions varies depending on many factors.

1. Conventional marketing concepts involving visual marketing and audio marketing such as TV, Radio and Billboard advertising have been around for a long time, and there are multitudes of statistics and data proving these methods to be extremely rewarding for many industries.  Despite being very costly they still are the most effective form of branding as they combine your message and brand in a memorable format.

2. Digital marketing is the cutting edge of answers, for the consumer can search for your products or services using a search engine like Google.

The consumer types their question into the search bar and the results(the answer) of the top 10 ranked websites appear for that search term. This kind of advertising is proving to be the most important part marketing in current times as consumers looking for a particular brand can find your website and from there make contact with your business.

No matter how you advertise you must have a digital point of contact where customers can easily find you, many companies we have helped in high ranks in Google have told us that 90% of all their customers go to their website before making contact with them, this makes sense as the majority of people know it is the easiest way to find your contact details.

SEO for websites, Seo stands for “Search Engine Optimization” this type of service is increase your rankings in search engine like Google, the SEO companies analyse the competition for given keywords and looks for opportunity gaps in the search engine results. There are 2 main factors SEO consultants address, 1. on page factors and 2. off page factors.

On Page factors are elements of the page that Google looks for, content, images, headings, meta tags, page title and the list goes on.

Off Page factors are other websites linking to your page, when another website places a link on their website and it point to your website then Google then looks at that link as a vote for your website or a thumbs up, the more of these votes your website receives the higher the possibility of your page ranking higher. Although this sounds simple to do you must be careful not to do too much because Google may penalize your website for attempting to manipulate the Google algorithm.

SEO companies offer 3 areas of expertise.

1. making sure your website is built correctly with all the required elements.

2. creating  backlinks and an ongoing strategy.

3. Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Most SEO companies charge around $1000 to $2000 per month to manage these 3 areas.


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